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$20, $25, $35 or $40 per month. You Choose!


Join the Simply Scents Candle Club for the Convenience of having your favorite SSS Candles delivered directly to your business or home.


 Your payment will be made automatically via Paypal each month. Orders are shipped out on Wednesdays once a week depending on your signup date.  Example: If your signup date falls on a Thursday your candles will ship the following Wednesday if it falls on a Monday candles will ship that Wednesday.  

To cancel your membership just send me a quick email 3 days before your next due date to  Its just that SIMPLE.  Take advantage of the EXTRA SAVINGS an FREE SHIPPING each MONTH.


We've designed some UNIQUE Subscription Options according to your purchase history.  

Please Type your Fragrance Selection in the Box Below. EX:  Best Sellers, Seasonal Fragrances, Clean Fragrances, Baked Fragrances, Fruity Fragrances, Floral Fragrances or Specific Fragrances- Angel Wings, Hawaiian Splash etc.


Subscription Options:

$20 per month 
1 - 2 oz. Burning Oil & 1 - 2 oz. Aroma Spray plus FREE shipping

( $26 value) 


$25 per month
1 - Aroma Bag , 1 - 12 oz Jar Candle & 1 2oz. Aroma Spray  plus FREE shipping ( $32 value)


$35 per month 
4- 8 oz. Jelly Jars & 2 oz. Burning Oil plus FREE shipping ($41 value)


$40 per month
1 - 16 oz.  Jar Candle , 1 - 2 oz. Burning Oil & 1- 2 oz. Aroma Spray plus FREE shipping ($50 value)

$55 per month

Case (12) 8 oz. Jelly Jars Variety plus FREE shipping ($72 value)

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